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Are you ready to get serious?

I’ll be honest here – when it comes to creating wealth, there aren’t any magic tricks. No secrets. No shortcuts.

Just systems that have worked for decades (actually, centuries).

You might think these systems are just common sense. Yet although most people know them, not many follow them.

I’ll leave some of them – like spending less than you earn, paying down debt and keeping a stash of cash – to others. Dave Ramsay’s all over this stuff. His Baby Steps program has been copied and rebadged by others many times because it works.

But next comes the hard part – becoming a successful investor. 

Not many people even try. Perhaps 10%. The fact you’re reading this means you’re already one in ten.

If you can stay away from wealth traps, keep learning every day and stick to a plan, you’ll be one of the 2% who become successful investors. You can’t fail. And for less than the price of a coffee each week, we can help you get there.

If you’re already a market junkie, you might be happy to back yourself. All power to you. If you’re starting out – actually, even if you’ve been investing for years – I think you’ll get a lot out of The Naked Truth.

I'm not just talking shares either. If our team finds an opportunity in property, bonds, alternatives, whatever – we’ll share it with you.

We’ll also help you stay on top of your super, and show you how to sort the good funds from the duds.

So what do naked insiders get for giving up that cup of coffee?

Every month, we’ll send you The Naked Truth, our premium share market newsletter. You’ll find out what stocks I’m watching, what I’m buying (and why!) and look over my shoulder as I build a market-beating portfolio from the ground up.

You’ll also get special reports covering everything from finding the best super fund to investing in commercial property.

Our regular podcast will keep you up to date with what’s happening in the world of markets.

And each month, we'll have a special online session where you can ask me anything you want -- nothing's off limits.

What if I've never bought shares before...

If you're a new investor, then join now, because soon we're we're rolling out our new three-part share market tutorial. We're covering everything from opening a broking account to working out capital gains tax.

You'll also be in on the ground floor when we kick off the Naked Portfolio --starting with $50,000 in cash -- in early January. You'll be with me all the way as we research stocks, place 'buy' orders and watch the portfolio grow.

If you're thinking about investing for the first time, or putting some money aside for your kids without fund managers' fees skimming off the profit, this is a great place to start.

How much does all this cost?

Most investment newsletters bombard you with stock tips and make claims they can't back up. Here's our promise: we will always put our members first. So don't expect us to say you will get 1300% returns, or spruik second-rate products. Instead, what we offer is the best financial and share market education we can.  

Some of our competitors charge $400, and provide you with less that we do (actually, some of them will try to upsell you a $1,000 membership...)

A twelve-month membership of The Naked Truth will cost you just $199. If you use our material to generate investment income,  chances are that fee is tax deductible.

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